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Gardasil cases consolidated in MDL

| Oct 20, 2022 | Gardasil Injuries |

On August 4, 2022, the Judicial Panel for Multi-State Litigation granted an MDL for Gardasil cases.  This is great news for victims of the Gardasil vaccination, and it will allow discovery and motion practice to be streamlined in one Court, giving the Gardasil victims an opportunity to litigate these cases efficiently.  This was granted over Merck’s objection.  It is definitely a big step forward in these cases.  Here is the link for the Law-360 story:…/gardasil-vax-suits-sent-to… and we have attached the news story here.

This is a big step forward for victims of Gardasil.  Merck has attempted to characterize these victims as “anti-vaxxers”, which is insulting to these families that vaccinated their children with a vaccine they thought was safe.  Had they known the actual risks associated with Gardasil, along with the actions of Merck behind the scenes, they never would have agreed to get the Gardasil vaccination in the first place.  None of us are “anti-vaccine”.  We just want safe vaccines, without unnecessarily exposing kids to risks of autoimmune disease.

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