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The FDA has approved two new flu vaccines for people with egg allergies

| Oct 20, 2022 | Flu Shot Injuries |

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has approved two flu vaccines that would give people who are allergic to eggs an opportunity to receive a flu shot.  Currently, people with egg allergies cannot get a flu vaccine because it is egg-based. The vaccine is made after the influenza virus grows inside an egg.  At this point, someone with an egg allergy who receives the seasonal flu vaccination is at risk from suffering a flu shot side effect such as anaphylaxis.  In fact, many flu shot injury claims are due to adverse reactions to the components of the vaccine.

The FDA approved one of the new vaccines in Nov. 2012. The second vaccine was approved earlier this month. Instead of using eggs to grow the influenza virus, cell lines from mammals and insects will be used. The first vaccine will grow virus strains in animal cells instead of eggs. People 18 and older will be able to get the vaccine.  According to the FDA, the other vaccine is an influenza virus protein made after a virus that infects insect cells is genetically modified. It then creates the flu vaccine protein. People 18-49 will be able to get the vaccine.

There is still quite a bit of testing needed to ascertain whether these news vaccines will have their own flu shot side effects, but FDA approval is a big step towards these vaccines making it to the market.

If you feel as though you may have suffered from a flu shot side effect, please consult a vaccine attorney today.  There are very strict deadlines for filing vaccine injury claims.