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A solution to chronic pain post-SIRVA?

On Behalf of | Mar 2, 2023 | Vaccine Injuries |

Dr. Marko Bodor sees vaccinations as the most significant medical advancement in history, with countless lives saved. Ensuring safety and public trust is more important than ever, particularly in an environment where the United States is emerging from a deadly pandemic.

However, vaccines can result in serious and lasting side effects. One of the most common relates to shoulder dysfunction after improper vaccination.

What is SIRVA?

Shoulder Injury Related Vaccine Administration (SIRVA) happens when a vaccination goes too high and/or too deep on the shoulder. Injections occur in the middle area and thick part of the deltoid muscle. Various factors can lead to this affliction. A patient sits while the medical professional is standing or pulling a shirt up and down to access the area where the vaccine is administered.

The vaccine needle can go too high or deep in these scenarios, potentially penetrating the deltoid muscle. The outcome is usually inflammation and pain. Other factors that should lead to SIRVA are a genetic predisposition or idiosyncratic. Regardless of those factors, the result involves chronic pain.

Taking a geological approach

Two-thirds of those with SIRVA suffer from chronic pain despite physical therapy. Others must undergo arthroscopic surgery. However, a new type of treatment actually came from a patient, not a doctor. A patient of Dr. Bodor, a hydrogeologist from New Mexico who has a Ph.D., suggested a method similar to the geological flushing of rock.

The doctor decided to try it when a patient came to him with chronic pain. Bodor identified where the pain was highest and used a needle with a vibrating tip working at 20,000 times per second to break up the debris left behind. In addition, he also sucked out the necrotic (dead) tissue. Anything abnormal was removed and cleaned out. In addition, the procedure may have also broken off vaccine molecules off of the collagen molecules.

Two days later, the patient began to notice improvements. That success resulted in Dr. Bodor conducting the procedure for five patients dealing with pain for 20 months. The results saw not only relief but also substantially improved functions in the first few weeks. Over the course of six months, their conditions continued to improve.

Learn more about Dr. Bodor and his work with SIRVA patients here, and if you or a loved one is suffering after receiving a vaccine, contact Downing, Allison & Jorgenson National Vaccine Injury Lawyers today.