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Vaccine Injury Law: The HPV Vaccine

At Downing, Allison & Jorgenson National Vaccine Injury Lawyers, the team of vaccine injury lawyers is led by Andrew Downing. The firm exclusively practices vaccine injury law. Its lawyers are licensed to file Vaccine Injury Compensation Program claims and file cases with the U.S. Court of Federal Claims. The firm’s vaccine injury attorneys fight for vaccine injury victims throughout the United States.

The HPV Vaccine: Gardasil Deaths

The HPV (human papillomavirus vaccine), Gardasil, was first included in the Vaccine Injury Compensation Program on Feb. 1, 2007. Gardasil has known side-effects and issues. Since that time, a number of deaths have been reported to the Vaccine Adverse Events Reporting System.

Filing A VICP Claim For A Gardasil Death

In order to bring a compensation claim for a Gardasil death, the claim must be brought within two years of a death and four years after the start of the first symptom that resulted in the death. Gardasil deaths are usually very difficult to identify a clear cause of death. There are typically systemic problems and rarely will Gardasil be identified as the primary cause of death. If you have a loved one that has died within a short time frame (typically weeks to months) following administration of the Gardasil vaccine, it could possibly be a Gardasil death.

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