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What is Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA)?

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Shoulder Injury Related to Vaccine Administration (SIRVA) is a recognized medical condition that can occur after receiving a vaccine. It refers to various shoulder injuries or conditions that result from improper vaccine administration. SIRVA is typically caused by the injection of a vaccine into the shoulder joint or the incorrect placement of the needle in or around the shoulder area, leading to damage to the surrounding tissues, ligaments, tendons, or nerves.

Symptoms of SIRVA include severe shoulder pain, limited range of motion, decreased strength, weakness, and difficulty performing normal shoulder movements. The pain may be sudden and intense, and it can persist for an extended period of time.  SIRVA can be caused by different types of vaccines.  Many of these cases are a result of the needle penetrating too deeply into the shoulder, hitting the underlying structures.  The white triangle reflects the proper vaccine location.

Treatment for SIRVA may involve physical therapy, pain management, and in severe cases, surgery to repair any damage to the affected area. It is important to seek medical attention if someone suspects they have SIRVA after receiving a vaccine, as early intervention may lead to better outcomes.

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